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Algorithmic Carpet Design

Posted December 15th by lucas in DataViz, Processing, openFrameworks

Recently my collaborator, Rux, and I worked on carpet designs for a renowned furniture designer. Initially he came to us with the idea of static designs that visualized 4 different genres of music: jazz, classical, ambient, and electronic. We developed an audio engine that would gather data from specific tracks, brought in the data to [...]


Visualizing Soccer Violence & Civil War

Posted December 12th by lucas in DataViz, Processing

To see the application running live, click here:
To understand more about the application, download PDF here:

red = more than 6 yellow cards in season
yellow = between 3 and 6 yellow cards in season
green = less than 3 yellow cards per season

Length of Lines:

The greater the length of the line, the greater number of years the [...]