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Arduino Sensor Instruments

Posted May 30th by lucas in Arduino, Interactivity, MAx/MSP, Physical Computing

For this project i hooked up two flex sensors, one force sensor and one infrared sensor to an Arduino. The values outputed by sensors are going into Max/MSP and max is sending bangs to Garage Band. In garage band i selected a synthesizer. Therefore, every-time i trigger a sensor, i would get a different note [...]


Waterfall Installation

Posted May 20th by lucas in Arduino, Interactivity, MAx/MSP, Physical Computing, Video

This installation was developed at the Interactive Telecommunications Programe at NYU. The installation consists of a cascade water system that recycles its own water. There is an interactive projection on the waterfall, which was developed in MAX MSP/ Jitter. When you come close to the projection, the sea creatures react to the person’s presence.

Waterfall Installation [...]